In The Land Of The Midnight Sun (Almost)!

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Brief intro: Pat and I enjoyed a two-week land/sea tour of Alaska in early July 2003. Saw nearly all the "advertised" animals and sealife, lots of snow, glaciers, mountains, etc. We both enjoyed the boat trip down to Vancouver and the many stops and shore excursions. We had very good weather. Perhaps these photos will bring you some of what we saw.

"Enroute Fairbanks to Denali Area"

D1.jpg D9.jpg D80.jpg D2.jpg D1.jpg D1.jpg

D1.jpg D1.jpg D1.jpg D8.jpg F_10caribou.jpg

"Denali Chalet Lodge and Denali Park Area"

D1.jpg D1.jpg D1.jpg D1.jpg D1.jpg D1.jpg
D18.jpg F_DenaliRoad.jpg F_busses.jpg F_2grizzly.jpg F_11Dall.jpg F_6Dallsheep.jpg
F_8Dallsheep11.jpg F_7bridge.jpg F_caribou.jpg

"At Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge Area."

D1.jpg D1.jpg D22.jpg D23.jpg D24.jpg D25.jpg
D26.jpg D27.jpg D28.jpg D29.jpg

"By Cessna 206 Floatplane to Denali (Almost)."

D30.jpg D31.jpg F_PatatFloat.jpg D32.jpg D33.jpg D34.jpg
D35.jpg F_151Dall.jpg F_14glacierDenali.jpg F_closemount.jpg F_morerocks.jpg F_mountain.jpg
D36.jpg D35X.jpg

"Dog Sledding In July, Then On To Anchorage."

D38.jpg D39.jpg D42.jpg D40.jpg D43.jpg
D44.jpg D45.jpg D46.jpg D47.jpg

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